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Wisdom don't come easy. In fact, she comes waltzing in and sits right on our face. While the beauty of aging itself means that we finally appear to have the knowledge that we have acquired, this world of harsh air quality, soaps, less sleep, and stress all make Jack and Jill a bit more wrinkly and saggy than our predecessors. 

Stop looking at plastic surgery and let's talk. Your complete package also comes with a detailed information and how-to-use sheet on each product. You also get unlimited skin coaching and personalized help to create skin care schedule and method with your new products that is just for you. Together, we will maximize the effectiveness of your Brazen products.

Pack Includes:

Melee Facewash with the following herbs added: White Willow Bark, Butcher's Broom, Horsetail, Cucumber

Value: $32.75

Stiletto Moisturizer: $32

Enlighten Toner: $23

EyeEye Captain: $32

Get wise. Leave the toxins behind and discover that beauty is not just skin deep.

Customer Reviews (2)

Just turned 40 and still lookin good !

The face scrub is nice, it's got a great smell to it, a little goes a long way and my face feels smooth and clean after. I love the toner also. This is the first toner I've ever used that makes my skin feel toned but not over tightened and "dried out". I've been using the eye eye captain previously for a few months and it's great for smoothing out those puffy under eyes (maybe after a few too many glasses of wine the night before ;) , and the stiletto.... My favorite face lotion yet. It smells heavenly, goes on smooth as silk and makes my 40year old face feel like a baby's butt the next morning! I haven't been using this stuff for long so I'll have to check back in after a few months and give an update as to if my fine lines and wrinkles are starting to smooth out some but so far I am definitely happy with my purchase ! I was using "spa" grade stuff that you could only get from license spas or the dermatologist and cost me a small fortune every few months and I think this stuff if going to do a better job of keeping me looking young than that stuff has done !

46 Years Young and a Tight, Lifted Face!

Posted by Miko on Jul 9th 2015
I was like "What?!" after I used this Wiser Complete Package (Aging Answers), because I was totally in love with my cleaned, moisturized, clarified, toned face. I felt more attractive and yummy smelling from the essential oils. If you want to fall in love with yourself a bit, be it from the aromatherapy effect or because it really does bring out the pretty in you, get this package!
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