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This set is BOTH shades of Sunlicker so you can blend them together to your perfect matching shade!

Sunlicker is like a reliable and attentive lover. It sticks around through all the fun you could want to have and protects you when you ask it to.

This dry sunscreen and foundation is a bypass to all typical sunscreens. It stays on the skin like a thin breathable layer of wax. It protects and lasts for longer than any chemical or lotion-like sunscreen. Sunscreen should be an actual *screen*. Physical sunscreens are not only the most effective type of sunscreen, but are also widely known to be the safest.

Used with great success by- sweaty cyclists, kids in pools and rivers, rock climbers, unicorns, festival workers and patrons. 




You simply can't find a simpler, more healing foundation. I have formulated Sunlicker to actual HELP with acne while you're wearing it! Gentle French Green Clay and Australian Beige Clay will be working on clearing your acne while you wear it!


ALWAYS avoid these things in makeup to avoid acne
1. Dimethicone
 2. Silicon
   3. Glycerin
    4. Copolymer (any kind of polymer)


There are many more I could list here, but be certain you avoid these top 4 acne-causing ingredients!


Use Sunlicker with an oil or butter based moisturizer underneath it like our Whipped Lotions, Enlighten Oil, Stiletto Moisturizer, etc. 

Ingredients: Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, French Green Clay, Australian Ivory Clay, Australian Beige Clay, Silver Mica, Gold Mica

2 x 45ml containers

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