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Pure Mica and Mineral Makeups. No bizmuth (which burns tender around-the-eye skin) and no additives. Just earthly spartkles for your eyes, cheeks, mouth, and I use them as eyelines as well with a bit of EyeEye Captain on my liner brush.

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Eye Pigment

Posted by Tabitha on Dec 1st 2019
Seriously the best eye pigment for the money! A little goes a long way and the staying power is strong.


Posted by Kara on Apr 20th 2018
What lovely color, long wear and fun these shadows are! Citrus is perfect for highlighting and blending.

All eyeshadows

Posted by Amie on Sep 25th 2017
These mineral eye shadows are the best! You can get just the depth you want, you can line with them and they are unique colors. I love the way they go on so smoothly and evenly and I love knowing they are made with love and care!
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