What makes the best skincare in the world?

What makes the best skincare in the world?

In a world of pollution, changing climates, political unrest, heartbreaking realizations, corporate rule, government ass-hattery, and generally depressing news daily- how can I think about skincare? 

I ask myself this daily. The answer simply has to be that I am trying to make the best skincare in the world. That doesn't JUST mean the best products in the world. It's a whole way of going about it, a way of thinking and believing and acting. 

I am not a skincare guru, Nature is. 

As the years go by, I come to deeper understandings of what Nature presents us and how to properly utilize it in a modern way. 

I am here as a researcher and a channel. I say to clients, "This is 50% scientific research and 50% the voices in my head." Call it what you will, Intuition, Guides, Whatever... I operate with a sense of being guided and that's alright with me. 

I want to be the best because I think that truly caring about people is what "the best" is. For this type of business model to be able to rise to the top in a world where Money and Profits rule would be a game-changer. I want people to EXPECT to speak with someone who knows some science around skincare when they make a purchase. I want people to expect to be told the TRUTH about what they are buying. I want people to EXPECT that the ingredients are from not only proven, but natural sources. I want people to start seeing skincare as a part of their nutrition intake. 

The current standard of skincare is extremely cheap ingredients so they have BigProfit, all-promises/no-reality, and no care whatsoever for the user. If they cared, there wouldn't be ingredients that cause cancer in ANY amount. If they cared, there wouldn't be cheap fillers. 

But I think that most consumers think the skincare companies do care. These companies say, "LOOK at the market trends! No one CARES that we are putting the fillers and cancer-causing, hormone-disruptors in their soap because THEY KEEP BUYING IT!" So the cycle keeps on keeping on. 

I want to live in a place where caring about human beings is not only "nice", it is absolutely necessary to be able to continue in business. So I'm going to make that place I want to live in.

The best skincare in the world is made with the individual in mind. The best skincare in the world comes from listening to needs and concerns. The best skincare in the world is made from the cleanest, most natural, least modified ingredients available. 

The best skincare in the world looks at your skin with reverence for being the largest organ in the body and also the largest receiver of pollutants and now the most likely to get cancer at some point in your life. If I am going to charge myself with taking care of that organ for thousands of people, then I am going to get serious about HOW to take care of it right.