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A scrub

  • so minty your stressed feet will melt into goo
  • to detoxify and relieve pain and cramps
  • so thick and moisturizing that ashy look you've been sporting around the edges of your feet will be a thing of the past
  • so penetrating those callouses with soften 
  • so self-inndulgent and comforting you may never want to leave it behind

Mint foot lotion is a staple for me. In my 20 years of using it, asking for it for all birthdays and holidays, and trying every brand in an effort to find the perfect one... They all seem to lose potency as the years went on. Like each manufacturer put less and less mint and more and more water. 

Forget all those others. You need to keep soap away from those sacred babes and treat them like queens.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Therapeutic Grade Epsom Salt, Hawaiian Charcoal Salt, Himalayan Salt, Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Argan Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Pure Menthol, Essential oils: Japanese Peppermint, Eucalyptus

Customer Reviews (4)

So soft!

Posted by Megan E Blanton on Mar 2nd 2018
Smells divine. Feels amazing. My favorite. It's like a foot massage in a jar. Enough said. Love it!

Finally Results

Posted by Jarred on Feb 17th 2018
foot scrubs have always provided superficial results at best. Barely better than perhaps a high quality lotion providing temporary relief. What I Mint has improved my feet and they've never reverted back to the roughness since using the scrub for the first time. Highly recommended

One of the best I'be tried

Posted by -B on Jul 8th 2015
Ive tried many foot scrubs as I'm sure we all have, but they never really seem to work or last long I should say. I tried this one and first of all the smell was amazing!!! Then it instantly made my feet almost melt it felt and worked so good. Reminds me...I need to order more!

Love the mint foot scrub!!!

Posted by Edie on Jan 28th 2015
I've always liked mint foot lotion when my feet are very tired. Even better, is Brazen Bee's "WHAT I MINT FOOT SCRUB'. Wow!!!! Makes my feet feel tingly and fresh and helps the pain and tiredness go away. Love it! If you have foot pain and tiredness issues, Brazen Bee's 'WHAT I MINT FOOT SCRUB is for you.
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