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Deep Conditioning Kit for All Hairs:
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Faint-hearted and weak- please apply here. 

A kit of dreams for the better life. Hair care is often set aside for other, more important, ventures. We take so much care with our skin and body, but hairs get the short end of the stick. We want to style and go, we want it to just grow right, we want to color, cut, blow, curl, straighten, pull, and scrunch- but no one asks your hairs how they feel about all this work and what we can do to pay some homage to the long life it will need to stick around for on our heads. 

This deep conditioner is a kitchen-affair and will require some time. All good things in life should make you slow down, pay attention, and appreciate. Women of the past did all sorts of hair rituals to keep their locks glossy and in-line. This weekly or monthly or whenever-you-can-manage Ritual, will give you a great time and space to feel like you are really pampering yourself and the resuts will be immediate. If you can keep it up, you will notice big changes in your hair quality and strength and I have also included herbs to help with hair loss. 


Breathe, smile, repeat. You are about to feel amazing.

Gather these things in the kitchen


Two small pots to brew tea and melt Ritual Jar ingredients

Some kind of strainer, tea ball or een french press

You will also need these other ingredients

1 Egg

2 tablespoons plain yogurt

1/2 Banana (eat the other half ;-)

You can leave out any of these items, of course, but these are the base ingredients for all of our Deep Conditioners we do around our house and all 5 of us can attest to efficacy.

Now, get ready to start the brew:

  1. Bring to an almost-boil 1.5 cups of water in the pot and put two teaspoons of the tea mixture. Take off the burner almost right away and set it aside to steep and cool at the same time. Strain later through a typical strainer or you can even use a french press to strain it!
  2. Heat 1/3 of the Ritual Jar contents on low. As soon as it has melted, take it off burner and allow to cool.
  3. Both the tea and Ritual Jar contents should be fairly cooled off before proceeding because you do not want the heat of either of them to cook the egg when it is combined.
  4. Pour tea into blender, add egg, yogurt, banana- blend on medium for 1 minute. Add melted Ritual Jar oils. Blend for 10-20 seconds.
  5. Add 1 teasppon Xanthum gum provided. Blend until thickened.
  6. Apply lovely goop to wet hair, put on a shower cap and relax. I highly suggest doing a foot scrub at this juncture so you have a head-to-toes experience of self-care.
  7. After one hour, hop in th shower and rinse thoroughly. Many people wash their hair after rinsing, thick and kinky hair enjoys not being washed at all afterward.

I am an almost no-poo (no shampoo) person. I wash my hair about once a month and sometimes less, sometimes more. I use Shikai Shampoo and highly suggest this brand. It has the fewest ingredients and strips hair the least of any shampoo I have ever used. Natural shampoos can often be especially harsh so be mindful of not undoing the good you've done today.


Ritual Jar Ingredients- Cupuacu Butter, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Andiroba oil, Ucuuba Butter, Tamanu Oil, Essential Oils: Rosemary, 

Nutri-Tea Ingredients- Organic Powdered Oatmeal, Organic Amla Powder, Organic Horsetail, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Chamomile Flowers, Organic Lavender Flowers, Organic Lemongrass

Enough for 2-4 treatments. 

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Posted by Qat Wanders on Feb 14th 2017
I approached Courtney with concerns about my scalp psoriasis. I have had it my entire life. As a girl, I tried every treatment I could find; prescribed, over-the-counter, and homemade, but it only got worse as I got older. I finally stopped using shampoo altogether because it just made the problem worse. I have certainly seen worse cases than mine, but mine was still very noticable (we are talking much worse than that scene from Breakfast Club)... Courtney suggested the Ritual Deep. I tried it that night. The recipe actually made much more than I needed (and I have very long, thick hair!), so I did it 2 days in a row. I made sure to rub it firmly in to my scalp. I rinsed, but didn't wash it afterwards. It left my hair SO clean and smooth and shiny! By the next morning, not only did my hair feel, look and smell amazing, but my psoriasis was literally gone! GONE! No flakes. No reddness. No itching. Nothing. AMAZING! It has been about a week now, and it hasn't come back, and I don't know how often I will have to do this to keep it at bay, but I don't care. I'm totally sold on this product. I highly recommend!!! Thank you SO MUCH Courtney!
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