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Roll-on glass bottle

THE DRAW was developed for its deep, penetrating antibacterial properties and its ability to draw cysts and infection to the surface.  Hazelnut and Castor Oil lend efficacy in their ability to permeate, but because the essential oils are so concentrated in this product (30%), we advise you to use it in small amounts and sparingly.

Ingredients: Hazelnut Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Neem Oil  Essential Oils: Tangerine, Tea Tree, Sage, Lemongrass, Patchouli

Packaged in a 1OZ glass cobalt dropper bottle or a .35 oz Roll-On Bottle

Customer Reviews (3)

Causes skin to transform over night!

Posted by Sara on Oct 16th 2017
How have I lived with out this in my life? This heals acne bumps, ingrown hairs, cysts and any other painful skin issue over night. Another magical product that is hands down better that anything I've ever tried to heal existing blemishes and deep, under the skin issues. Highly recommend for any skin problems. This product is strong- the healing powers are fast and it smells amazing, too!

Magic in a bottle!

Posted by Taty on Oct 9th 2017
This works wonders on cuts, acne, rashes, and it does not disapoint. My experience is that I use it before bed, and in the morning the skin rash or acne is almost gone.

draw for all

Posted by Alicia Bennett on Jan 3rd 2016
This is another go to for all kinds of amazing things- a deep moisturizer, on cuts and scars, acne, ingrown hairs, rashes, anything. using it on a sore I have in the corner of my mouth right now! another amazing, life improving, grace giving product. My 8 yr old knows Courtney as, 'your good witch friend who lives in Colorado and makes good magic in her kitchen'!! Everytime she has an oww or an ache, I whip out one of Courtney's amazing magical elixers, and it always works.
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