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Sunlicker is like a reliable and attentive lover. It sticks around through all the fun you could want to have and protects you when you ask it to.

This dry sunscreen is a bypass to all typical sunscreens. It stays on the skin almost like a thin layer of wax. It protects and lasts for longer than any chemical or lotion-like sunscreen. Sunscreen should be an actual *screen*. Physical sunscreens are not only the most effective type of sunscreen, but are also widely known to be the safest.

Used with great success by- sweaty cyclists, kids in pools and rivers, rock climbers, unicorns, festival workers and patrons. 

You can also use your own oil with Sunlicker like plain Shea Butter or any of the Whipped Lotions...

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Organic Cornstarch, Bronze Mica, Australian Ivory Clay, Organic Powdered Cornflowers

Customer Reviews (4)

Perfect Solution

Posted by Michelle on Oct 10th 2018
This is not only amazing as a light weight sun screen but it also dubs as a highlighter- I use this under my eyes with lotion and it works amazing as a lightweight concealer! I will definitely order more for next summer!


Posted by Andrea on Feb 18th 2018
I’ve used this as a foundation. There’s not a lot of coverage, but that’s not why I got it. It evens out my skin tone really well and gives a natural glow.


Posted by Kelley Mathews on Jun 2nd 2017
So the first time I wore this it was given the ultimate test because I was out mowing a bunch lawns with my boss. I was sweaty, got rained on, I rubbed my face, and the Sunkicker was very resistive to all of this. I'm impressed. I brushed it on over a very thin layer of Stiletto. I love the sparkles and it evened out my skin tone, even helped hide my red face when I'm hot. I got the lighter color. Best part, my face doesn't feel gross after 8.5 hours of hard, sweaty work! Oh, AND MY FACE DIDNT BURN! <3

You will not burn with this stuff

Posted by Rebecca on Jul 8th 2015
What I really like about Sunlicker sunscreen is that you will NOT burn with it and that it is so incredibly light. If you are adamant about not having any sun damage and you dislike greasy lotions, this is perfect for you! The only thing I dislike is that it leaves my skin looking a little silvery while it's on.
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