Rose Antiquity | BODY SCRUB

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Coffee- finely powdered
Green Tea- organic
White Willow Bark
Argan Oil
ucuuba butter
Kokum Butter
Cocoa Butter
Tamanu oil
Jojoba oil
Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth) Clay
Gentian Root- organic
Plantain Leaf- organic
Burdock Root- Organic
Witch Hazel Leaves- organic
Fortified Orange Peel
Chaga Mushroom
Calendula Flowers
Watermelon Extract Powder
Spirulina Organic
Oatmeal (Powdered Organic)
All-Sugar Scrub-

The smell of roses is soothing and a well-known aphrodesiac. Take yourself on a garden party walk every time you get into the shower while treating yourself like royalty. 

I've included two essential oils that are nearly biodynamically the same as (expensive) rose oil, but also fresh milled organic dry rose petals.

Brazen Bee's scrubs are not your run of the mill scrubs. We don't beleive in rubbing rocks on your tender skin, so all salts for our scrubs are in powder form. This allows you to use far less scrub as it goes a lot further. It also makes for a product safe for tender skin.

Our base formula is grapeseed oil and shea butter. From there, you can add your own oils and butters for a completely customized product.

The size of this puppy is nothing to shy away from, either. The powdered salt allows an extra 30% of scrub (by weight) to fit in the sweet reusable metal tin. This is 1.3 pounds of scrub! 

Coffee scrubs have cleared up "chicken skin" or keratosis pilaris on more than 90% of my clients. They have also joyously treated all kinds of body acne. 

I also include himilayan pink salt and powdered sucanat so you are delivering benefical fatty acids (stearic acid in shea butter is one of the best cleansers available and is added to many soap products to remove impurities from the skin), minerals for skin health, and alpha-hydroxy acid.

Recomendation: this one is particularly great with green tea powder added

Ingredients: powdered sea salt, grapeseed oil, organic shea, himilayan pink salt, sucanat, powdered organic rose petals, essential oils of palmarosa and jamarosa

Customer Reviews (2)

Everything's coming up roses...

Posted by Mo on Jul 7th 2015
I bought this for my daughter who LOVES everything rose scented! She really liked the benefits of a prior coconut/coffee scrub I had ordered, but not so much the scent (she's not a coffee-smell advocate). I bought this one just for her, but once we got it, I couldn't resist using it myself! Courtney added Argan Oil as a bonus for us and I won't order a scrub again without it! Not only do we smell damn good but neither of us can stop touching ourselves because our skin is so soft! I seriously have never had a scrub, or a lotion for that matter, leave my skin as soft and supple as this scrub!

for all over cleansing and softness.

Posted by Kathleen Bennett on Jul 6th 2015
Love this product! Besides cleaning your skin this scrub leaves your skin so soft. It takes away all of the dry, scaly skin and leaves fresh younger looking skin.
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