Pink Helix Bottle | HANDBLOWN GLASS

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These hand-blown bottles come from the imagination of local glassblower Janine Scott. They are dainty, but the borosilicate glass lends them to be very hardy and not easy to break. 

Pink Helix evokes a sense of tenderness with strength. The tiny lines are laid with such precision, but also with natural flow, it reminds you of science and grace meeting up. This bottle will also look most incredible once you have added an essential oil to it to provide a base color. All essential oils have differing shades from blue to green to orange to brown.

The bottles themselves hold 1-2 drams of essential oil. We also love to see them used as tiny vases to accentuate small magic places. Each bottle is ONE OF A KIND.

Janine Scott has been bringing glass beauty into homes for 20 years and is one of the most experienced glassblowers in Manitou Springs. She is also a client of Brazen Bee and we work hard with her to keep her life-long dyshidrotic eczema under control.

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