Hazelnut Coffee (5 oz) | HAIR & BODY BUTTER

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Tired of only smelling coffee in a cup? Wish you could turn someone on with the scent of a comforting morning at the local coffee shop?

Also interested in treating body acne? Coffee is a wonderful treatment for acne that is often overlooked. Caffeic acid also kills skin cancer cells.

This butter is made by actually infusing raw shea butter with coffee for 2 hours and straining. It is not just coffee scented, but a true potion for better skin.

I also refuse to add water to dilute my lotions. You can get water at home. Look at the ingredients of some other major argan butter sellers and note that you are paying for water and a lot of extra ingredients to make the oils and water mix together and look like a cream. With Brazen Bee, you get what you pay for and nothing less. 

Lotion up right after a shower and keep moisture locked in. Don't pay for water.

Ingredients: Ghana Shea Butter, Burkina Fasso Shea Butter (infused with coffee), Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Karanja Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Hazelnut Extract, Coffee Essential Oil

Large 5 oz recyclable re-usable screw-top tin

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