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Funguses are, in fact, among us all the time. Whether your body has the ability to keep them in check is where the danger lies. There are a myriad of reasons as to why the body- skin or internally- may not be able to fight off funguses or keep them at a level where they cohabitate but do not cause health problems. Sometimes your immune system may be busy doing other things. Sometimes you've put it in a compromising position with a heavy sugar intake or you've kept those damp shoes around those tootsies for far too long. 

Anyway, stop with the sugar, take some good probiotics, drink lots of water, eat coconut oil to get rid of fungus in the stomach so your body can focus on the topical issues, and soak in this awesome blend that includes Ucuuba Butter (antiseptic and anti-inflamatory), Tea Tree Oil, Gential Root, and some other super strong antifungal babes.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Sea Salt, Himilayan Mineral Salt, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Ucuuba Butter, Organic Herbs: Gentian Root, Plaintain Leaf, Patchouli Leaf, Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Tangerine, Texas Cedar, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass

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