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Bring us your weak, your weary, your saggy and baggy... and we shall uplift them, tighten them, strengthen them.

EyeEye Captain is nothing to scoff at. This is not just another eye serum to rob your pockets and leave you wishing for more or wondering every day if it's doing something. Improvements are visible, and the more diligently you use it, the less weary those eyes will appear.

But wait, there's more! EyeEye Captain is not only a night-serum for your eyes, it is also wonderful for all over the face as a nightly serum. The ingredients in it are not some clear mystery fluid. You can see and smell that this thick tea mixture of potion is packed with all the herbs in the ingredients list. There is no perfume added, so the smell is a natural blend of the herbs listed below. 

Many people keep it just to apply after a bout of over-moisturized eyes (crying, yes, we mean crying) to take puffiness down immediately. 

Courtney researched the ingredients for this one long and hard. Making a serum is serious business as the very definition of a serum is an extremely potent liquid with maximum amounts of powers at whatever it claims to do. It is a daunting task to undertake, but you will not be disappointed with this concentrate.


Spring water from Manitou Springs- I use water specifically from Twin Springs, which contains the highest levels of potassium and magnesium. Take note that magnesium is specifically and almost exclusively absorbed topically and NOT by the stomach or gut. Magnesium and potassium are, respectively the 4th and 3rd most abundant minerals in each of your cells. Want healthy plump cells to stay full of life? Feed them magnesium and potassium!


White Willow Barkshould be a part of everyone’s skin care arsenal. Science has even been excited to find that topical use of white willow improves cell’s general health and their ability to retain moisture WITHIN ONE WEEK of daily application.


Butcher's Broomis a wonderful soother and it is the “dark circle” eraser in this formula. As a vasoconstrictor, it is used in many under-eye creams to get ahold of those dark circles and release the eyes of their strain and stress.


Coffee is newer to the skincare scene and topical use of coffee is also proving to work wonders for many of my clients. It helps other ingredients here to work better, has killed skin cancer cells in scientific studies, and provides and renewed brightness to skin.


Cucumber Concentrateis included, of course, as one of the oldest tricks in the book. Remember Aunt Sally laying around with cucumber slices on her eyes? Well, she knew a thing or two about eye-puffiness because science has identified chemicals in cucumber that actually do soothe the tender eye area and bring puffiness down.


Horsetail enters your serum as a provider of topical silica and vitamins. You should never bother with a serum that does not also include an overall nutritive for your skin.


Cornflowers are tiny tender blue flowers that are fabulous at soothing skin. They add a very medicinal smell to EyeEye and they are like tiny blue fairy wings, of course the skin finds them soothing.


Aloe Veracan’t be overlooked as an important ingredient any time we are asking skin to heal. The polysaccharide content heals what ails and takes inflammation down.


Witch Hazelis the age old toner and mom was right to use it!


Cucumber Seed Oilis included to also get the fatty acids from cucumbers that are so beneficial to the tender skin of the eye and face.


Tamanu Oilis highly prized and highly expensive! It is prevalent in the treatment of scars, stretchmarks, and acne. This is oil is remarkable and I believe that we should not wait until we have problems to provide our skin with the best. Take care of her now and she’ll look fabulous later!


Meadowfoam oilis extremely anti-oxidant and this means it protects the skin from aging effects and outside free radicals (pollution, make-up, pollen). It not only helps to preserve EyeEye so we don’t have to use chemical preservatives, but it is also highly absorbable- so important for the tender eye-skin to get the proper moisture and oils for continued pliability.

Kala Namak Salt has been an Ayurvedic treatment for hundreds of years. Also know as Indian Black Salt, it is high in sulfur and thus is known to be soothing for acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other inflammatory skin issues. Here, it is a soothing agent for the tender skin around the eyes. 

Dead Sea Salt provides 21 minerals that our skin rarely gets the chance to experience. In other formulas, you pay high prices in order to get a facial product with added micro-minerals like selenium, magnesium, and zinc. 


Ingredients: Spring water from Manitou Springs, Colorado (high in magnesium and potassium), White Willow Bark, Butcher's Broom*, Coffee*, Cucumber Concentrate, Horsetail*, Cornflowers*, Cape Aloe Vera*, Witch Hazel*, Cucumber Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil, Indian Black Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Xanthum Gum

1 oz airless bottle

Customer Reviews (17)


Posted by Kara on Apr 12th 2018
I have spent hundreds of dollars on serums and under eye treatments to help smooth wrinkles and lighten the dark circles under my eyes. Non of those expensive items worked as well as Eye Eye Captain! I’ve also used it as a mask at night and it felt wonderful! My only wish is that it lasted longer than 30 days, but then it wouldn’t be as great as it is.

Eye - Eye Captain

Posted by Ann Marie on Feb 24th 2018
Have been using this all over my face and neck and feel a difference in just 2 weeks ! Smoother and more even toned - my hair stylist even commented : )


Posted by Sheila on Feb 19th 2018
Cannot say enough about this serum! I started getting dark under eye circles, and lines. After starting Eye Eye Captain, within a few days...BIG difference!! Dark circles greatly diminished, as well as my lines. Use am and pm all over my face, neck and chest. You feel it working within minutes!!!! WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT!!!!

Eye Eye Captain

Posted by Grasiela on Feb 18th 2018
This is absolutely amazing. I have had dark circles under my eyes since I can remember. Almost like little "black eyes". Along with puffiness. I started using Eye Eye Captain and was floored at the results. Not only did it take away the puffiness, it took away those horrid dark circles under my eyes that I have had throughout my life. I don't look "tired" or "stressed" and most of all as if I have been "crying" any more. If you have issues like these, give Eye Eye Captain a try. You won't regret it.

Amazing Product

Posted by Caitlin Morissette on Oct 22nd 2017
I love the feeling of tightening in my skin once it dries on at night. Definitely see improvement in puffiness and under eye circles and use on my whole face to help tighten the under-chin area. Highly recommend to try!

Eye eye captain

Posted by Sheila Bath on Sep 12th 2017
I've only had this product a few days and notice the smoothness on and around my eyes and face ! Also, been using morming and night


Posted by Amy on Jun 27th 2017
One week after starting this stuff, I can really, really see a difference in the dark under-eye area. I look more awake and healthy. I absolutely love this product.

perfect for summertime nights

Posted by hawk on Jul 22nd 2016
I am in LOVE with my Eye Eye Captain! It has replaced my Stiletto slathering now that the weather has turned hot. It is a nice, light, nighttime face moisturizer. I wake up and spray on the toner and I'm good to go!


Posted by meagan on Jul 6th 2016
Results are even better than neutrogena, which had been the only eye cream I have found to help with wrinkles. The best part is it is non-chemical and a little goes a long way. Excellent product. I'm totally hooked!

Freaking Amazing!

Posted by Patti S. on May 23rd 2016
I've been using this product for just a little over a week now and I can't believe the transformation in my face. The puffiness, the bags, the wrinkles are all deminishing. I'm hooked. Now I won't need surgery!

feels good instantly

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It's not like any other eye cream, gel, serum, or tincture out there. Must try !!!

Magic in a bottle

Posted by Maggie on Aug 26th 2015
As I've passed the 30 mark I have started to notice little tiny lines around my eyes and forehead. Nothing extreme but a bit of a difference. I also suffer terribly from seasonal allergies and constantly have dark puffy under eyes. This miracle potion has taken care of it all. Skin is firmer, smoother, and a better tone. I now don't look like I'm over exhausted all the time. And it even helps cover the times when I am. Definitely worth every penny!!!!

Liking the Look!

Posted by Miko on Jul 10th 2015
I love the way my eye area looks after using this serum. I also trust the quality of ingredients in this bottle, so, I know that what it's doing is also safe for my body.

almost frightening how well this works

Posted by tea on Jul 9th 2015
I've been a real skeptic of any kind of product that promises to "lift" or "tighten" because seriously, what can a lotion do? THIS STUFF IS MAGIC. a bit under my eyes makes bags disappear; I swear my skin looks better than it ever has.

Throw your old products overboard...

Posted by Mo on Jul 7th 2015
Eye Eye Captain does everything is says it will do! I use it around my eyes in the morning and as an all-over face serum at night. My skin is smoother, tighter and has less little bags and lines than before. As a recovering "product junkie", I have tried just about everything in the past for around the eye area and I found that most products would sting the skin around my eyes. Any benefit I did receive from past products left me wondering what chemical was doing the work and what I was putting in to my body to receive that benefit. Eye Eye Captain not only feels good going on, but I don't have to worry about what chemical is going in to my skin because there are no harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients!


Posted by Leeanna on Mar 28th 2015
If you haven't tried Eye Eye Captain you are truly missing out!!! I heard about this product and never had the opportunity to use it. My skin feels more firm and glows just a few minutes after applying. I have been applying every night and morning for a few weeks now and my skin complexion has smoothed out and all signs of dry spots and acne are gone. I will never use another skin serum again!

Simply Amazing

Posted by Deena on Mar 14th 2015
I have super sensitive skin, and I also happen to get those tired-puffy-under-eyes. This stuff is really incredible. I don't feel any stinging or ouchiness like I have with other under eye creams/serums. I put this on every night before bed and every morning before make-up. It isn't oily and it isn't irritating. It tightens the skin without that icky feeling and does in fact help after a bout of crying...trust me on that one. I just love it
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