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ALL of Brazen's Roll-On high-powered essential oil blends in one swoop! $15-$16 each

Focus Pocus blend- You gotta werrrk. So you need this little baby to help you. This blend cuts the crap and gets the brain inline with the intention. Frankincense studies show that brain waves actually settle a confused mind back into normal brain wave patterns. Rosemary is a powerful nerve and brain tonic and also has been used for focus in aromatherapy for generations. Sage is grounding and acts as a hormone balancer as well as quickening the mind. 

Blossom blend- Sweetened lemon and blossoms come together to create a warm feeling in the heart. Geranium is not only a wonderful essential oil for balancing oily/dry skin, but it offers balance to the mind and heart so that focus is more clear. Chamomile steps in with a light soothing and Lemon uplifts. I describe the aromatherapy of Blossom as,"Purely happy children playing without the weight of the world around them being allowed to enter."

Musk at Dusk- Naughty. Purely Naughty. This oil wafts up from the bottle and immediately attempts to intoxicate you and and make you think of little else. Labdanum is the base note of this blend and it is made from the highly prized Rock Rose in Spain. 

Jazz in the Pines- It's time to dance. Clearly. This heady sweet intoxicator will set you into a forest and make you feel free as a bird.

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