Blossom Gift Bag

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Blossom is everyone's favorite new scent for Whipped Body and Hair Butter- So I did some amazing things with it. 

This gift bag has a $32.5 value! WHHHHAATT???

Blossom Whipped Argan Lotion in a SUPER cute 2 oz carry-tin (a miniature of the big huge tin) $16.50 value

Blossom Roll-On Perfume $16

Very cute reusable satin bag.

Sweetened lemon and blossoms come together to create a warm feeling in the heart. Geranium is not only a wonderful essential oil for balancing oily/dry skin, but it offers balance to the mind and heart so that focus is more clear. Chamomile steps in with a light soothing and Lemon uplifts. I describe the aromatherapy of Blossom as,"Purely happy children playing without the weight of the world around them being allowed to enter."

both Roman and Blue German Chamomile (highly prized and very expenesive), Geranium, Palmarosa, Michela Alba, Lemon

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