Beauty Boy Bag

$42.50 $35.00 (You save $7.50)
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Gender is no issue here- but the more earthy scent of the products may appeal to a more masculine person ;-)

This set will wash, moisturize, and soften all the parts...

~EffOff Man Facewash 1 oz glass jar $5.50

~Man Whipped 2 oz tin of Whipped Argan Lotion $15.00

~Clove Lip Balm $5.50

~1 oz Dirty at Dusk Beard Oil (can also be used as general moisturizer if beards are not present) $15.50

I apologize for not having a full pic of everything together, but it's a beautiful set and most of you are familiar with all these great products.

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Brazen Bee Rock!!

Posted by Amy Astorga on Mar 5th 2016
I love the Beard Oil! It's funny because I don't have a beard :) But I use it in my hair and skin. I love them way it smells. I will be ordering this for life. The whole Beauty Boy Bad Rocks!
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