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.35 oz Travel Stick

ANNO DOMINI has evolved into a "first aid stick" due to its many medicinal properties.  It's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, soothes itching, bug bites and stings as well as burns.  It's also anti-fungal and anti-microbial, it works as sunscreen, diaper cream (totally cloth diaper safe), and antiperspirant.

Zinc Oxide is effective as soothing the skin and also creates a protective but breathable membrane on the skin that helps promote moisture and healing.  Zinc Oxide is also the most reliable form of sunscreen, it is antibacterial and provides natural antiperspirant properties.

Ucuuba Butter is also effective at soothing the skin with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties often used to treat eczema and acne. {This is one of the star ingredients in our SHU Healing Moisturizer.}

Coconut Oil is anti-fungal/anti-microbial and has proven to be effective at treating and curing both topical and internal yeast infections, neither of which is limited to babies or diapers -- many adults suffer from these ailments as well.

Tangerine Essential Oil is also anti-bacterial and has shown to inhibit the growth of MRSA.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Ucuuba Butter, Beeswax, Zinc Oxide, Tangerine Essential Oil.

Available Sizes:  Full Size (5OZ) or Travel Size (.35OZ)

Customer Reviews (11)

Love this!

Posted by Kim Pickens on Oct 16th 2017
I have used natural deodorants for the past 20 years. This is the first time that I have used a product that left my pits smelling fresh and didn't cause my skin to dry out! Easy to use and works for my teenage boys whose active lifestyles put ALL natural deodorants to the test!

Super versatile!

Posted by Deena on Sep 27th 2017
This was recommended to me after having a reaction to Schmidt's natural deodorant, which basically burned my pits and made them peel! So painful. I consulted with Courtney and she suggested Anno Domini as a healer and alternative deodorant. This worked wonders! It cured my reaction, re-moisturized me, and lasts longer than any other natural deodorant I've used. Another great thing for me, as a fatty, is that this also worked great for some underboob chafing I had going on--or any chafing, really. It's great to put on before I put on my bra, and what's great is that because it's NOT a powder, it doesn't ruin the bra! I slather some on and sit with it before getting dressed, and it really helps.

Anno Deodorant

Posted by celestina on Jul 13th 2017
Best natural deodorant I have found thus far, and has many uses. Definitely won't be disappointed.

Best ever!

Posted by Lisa on May 22nd 2017
I seriously love this stuff! It is the best deodorant I have ever used. Great multi use product. Wonderful for chub rub too!

Old man diaper rash!

Posted by Bob on May 2nd 2017
I am an older man who is super active and I kayak a LOT. When I sit too long in general on planes, trips, and certainly in the boat- I get a rash in my inner thigh area. It's not a fungal issue at all but just a rubbing issue. I have historically used Stiletto Moisturizer with very good results but the other day Anno D was all I had. I applied and was amazed at the super quick relief and my skin returning to normal almost immediately. It cut the itch right away and I was so grateful.


Posted by Chuck Preston on Mar 6th 2017
Being a heavy sweater, it is hard to find a good deordorant that is all natural. This deordorant, is amazing, just like all of her products.

Multiple uses for this!

Posted by Cassie on Sep 28th 2016
I absolutely love this stuff. It's great for raw skin due to thigh rubbing, dry spots, deodorant. Anything. Like most of Brazen Bee's products it has many uses.

alpha and omega

Posted by Alicia on Jan 3rd 2016
This is an amazing. I don't even think it should be listed under deodorant. I put this on everything- bug bites and stings- yes bumps, bruises, sprains and strains-yes rashes, scratches, scrapes-yes aches, itches, callouses, discomfort, moisturizer, spots, dry skin- yes, yes, yes. I think I might try it as a deodorant now!

Great Deodorant

Posted by Rebecca W. on Jul 7th 2015
I received a sample of Anno Domini with my last order of facewash and was very excited as I've been trying to stray from big name deodorants/antiperspirants but haven't found a natural deodorant that actually works. I rubbed some Anno Domini on my pits and smelled great all day! I even made my friends do random pit-sniffs to make sure I was still smelling good. This product is amazing.

soothing, healing!

Posted by Deb on Jul 7th 2015
I use this on my "problem" areas: inside of my thighs (especially after shaving), eczema and other irritations, and so on. I've not relied on it as a sunscreen--I am very fair and a little unsure with how much protection it will provide. Based on the other review, I tried this as deodorant for around a week. Though my pits were soft, it just didn't work for me as a deodorant at all.

The ONLY thing that works as deodorant for me!

Posted by hawk on Mar 13th 2015
I began using this product as deodorant when it was marketed as a baby butt cream. I also use it as a sunscreen, and a soothing ointment for skin ailments of all kinds. The only other thing that has ever worked for me was an algae-based spray that smelled like Patchouli; just because I am a hippie does not mean I want to smell like one! Lol. Anyway, this stuff has been more effective than any other natural, "natural", or conventional deodorant, including Degree.
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